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china street light

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English:  Street Light

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ARD-315 ARD-345 ARD-335-A ARD-335-B  ARD-335-C  ARD-325-A  ARD-325-B
street lamps light fixture lighting fixture roadway light outdoor light outdoor lighting outdoor lights
ARD-790-A ARD-790-B-A ARD-790-B-B ARD-388 ARD-338-A ARD-338-B ARD-97
streetlight streetlights outdoor lamp outdoor lamps street light roadway lighting roadway lights
ARD-98 ARD-99 ARD-96 ARD-268 ARD-2000 ARD-22 ARD-2027
roadway lamp roadway lamp light fixtures lamp fixtures Lamp fixture road lamp light
ARD-2004-A ARD-2004-B ARD-982 ARD-822-A ARD-822-B ARD-2049 ARD-2041
lighting garden light street light garden-lamp roadway luminaire street luminaire road luminaire
ARD-83 ARD-2026 ARD-049 ARD-2017 ARD-2038 ARD-2035 ARD-326
ARD-917 ARD-200          

About Street lighting:

Today, street lighting commonly uses high-intensity discharge lamps, often HPS (high pressure sodium lamps) and MH (metal halogen). Such lamps provide the greatest amount of photopic illumination for the least consumption of electricity. However when a lot of new lighting model develop now. like LED light. solar light and another green light. but classical street light still is the most use in city and country illumination.
Base on language and customary difference. different area people call street light different name. like lighting fixture. streetlight or street lighting or street lamp or roadway lamp. but we can understand all is same mean for outdoor light.