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Street light ARD-315

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Especial specification differentiate another supply (optional):
-More high efficiency reflector ready for model B.
-Can easy install HPS and MH lamp easy. the reflector hole diameter reached 93mm.
-Make new mold. can be fit the pole diameter from normal 40mm to 62mm.
-Socket holder can be use short model for more space for ballast install. and can select slip model.
street light            street light            street light            street light
Model ARD-315 is one of the most hot sell street light model in the worldwide market. It combines a modern and traditional features and it has been designed and manufactured with the latest technology for street, major traffic routes, garden.

Description for street light ARD-315:

-The housing (body and top cover) is manufactured from die-cast aluminum alloy and finish with a thermo polyester color powder paint.
-On request: twin colors.
-Reflector is made of high purity one piece pressed electro-polished anodized aluminum.
-Suitable for either post top entry and side entry max 60mm.
-Gaskets are made of anti-age weather resistant silicon rubber.
-Thermal toughened glass. thickness 4mm or 5mm,flat or curve optional.
-The gear and lamp compartment can be easily accessed by opening the fore stainless steel hook.
-For quick and safety inspection the luminaries is supplied with anti-tipping cover device.
-Especial lamp holder better for HPS and MH lamp. socket can easy moving by slip device on the lamp holder.
-High temperature silicon insulated conductors are used throughout.
-Anti vacuum device.
-Both gear trays are completed with lamp holder and/or electrical connectors for fast replacement and easy maintenance.
-Designed in accordance with relevant European Standards: EN 60598/1.
-Install height 8m to 12m
-Pole install diameter 40mm or 60mm.
-Above specification is optional for different configure and request.
-ARD-315 street light till now still keep the best sell record in worldwide for our all lighting model.
-ARD-315 street light Packing information:
Cartons dimension: 675*310*210mm/1 pcs. total 1600 pcs for 40HQ container.

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