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Roadway lights ARD-2027

   Roadway lights         Roadway lights
       Roadway lights        Roadway lights        Roadway lights
Model ARD-2027 is the hot sell roadway lights model in the global market. it combines a modern and traditional features and it has been designed and manufactured with the latest technology for roadway, highway routes, garden.

Description for roadway lights ARD-2027:

-Rugged die-cast aluminum housing is powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance.
-Die-cast trigger latch on door frame enables easy and secure one-hand opening for re-lamping and maintenance.
-Large surface area "breathing seal" gasket seal the optical chamber to prevent intrusion by insects and environmental contaminants. Heat-resistane gasket material remains effective over the life of the fixture.
-Anodized aluminum reflectors provide uniform lighting distribution with borosilicate glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate retractor. (option)
-Especial lamp holder better for HPS and MH lamp. socket can easy moving by slip device on the lamp holder (optional).
-High temperature silicon insulated conductors are used throughout.
-Anti vacuum device(optional).
-Designed in accordance with relevant European Standards: EN 60598/1.
-Above specification is optional for different configure and request.
-ARD-2027 roadway lights designed to provide cost effective solutions for road lighting installations.
-ARD-2027 roadway lights Packing information:
Carton dimension is 840*510*230mm/1pcs for ARD-2027A.
Carton dimension is 588*356*226mm/1pcs for ARD-2027B.

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