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Stainless-steel waterproof lamp

         steel waterproof lamp                    
Material for Stainless-steel waterproof lamp SWD-18 series:
-304 Stainless steel body + Tempered glass cover
-304 Stainless steel body + Polycarbonate cover
-Steel body + Tempered glass cover
-Steel body + Polycarbonate cover
-Anodic aluminum oxide forming the mirror-reflector.
-Stainless connecter and copper flatting nickel forming the water joint.

Character for Stainless-steel waterproof lamp SWD-18 series::
-Stainless fixture, the quality in heat-resist, pressure-resist in much better than the PCTFE one.
-Easy for installation.
-Specific connecter as to dusty proof and water proof.
-Easy for maintain.
-Installation: Ceiling or hanging.
-IP 67.
-T8 and T5 from 18w to 58w.


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