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china street light

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china street light

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china street light

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china street light

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Bulb series for streetlight and floodlight:

     Bulb     Bulb     Bulb     Bulb  

Specification for Bulb series:

-Power 50-400W
-Voltage:110V or 220V AC.
-With CE and UL.

About Bulb:
Our HPS or MH bulb supply parking lots, construction sites, gymnasiums, and warehouses with a high intensity, yellow or white toned light. We offer special conversion bulb that change mercury/metal halide to High Pressure Sodium Light Bulb by simply changing the lamp. These are an excellent choice because they provide two times the light output of mercury lamps. In this section you will also find a selection of horticulture bulb that can greatly benefit your beloved plants.

If purchasing HID-Lights - HPS or MH Light Bulb, a ballast kit is necessary for their proper use.

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