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china street light

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china street light

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china street light

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Photocell series for streetlight and floodlight:

       Photocell                  Photocell      Photocell

Ensample for use Photocell:
To be able to both turn the light off or on when the photocell wants it off then you need to use a Single Pole, Double Throw -CENTER OFF switch. SPDT - center off

Some time in the past I did find a Decor style switch that SPDT - center off and I think a standard style toggle switch. But they run about $50-60 and would have to go to an electrical supply house and even then probably a special order.
But you can get the metal handle bat switches that are SPDT, center off mounted in a metal cover plate. They are used on 2 speed whole house fans. High, OFF, and Low speed.
There are different ways to wire this. But I will show one with everything run to the switch.
Run the power to the switch box. Run a 2 wire cable to the light. With black to black and white to white.
Run a 3 wire cable from the switch box to the photocell. At the photocell black to black (hot), Red to red (hot switched from the photocell) and white to white (neutral).
Then at the switch box connect the all of the neutral (whites) (power, photocell and dlight).
Connect the black from the light to the switch common terminal. Connect one of the other two terminals to the photocell red (controlled by photocell). Connect the other terminal to the Power black and the black to the photocell.

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