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LED traffic light

LED Traffic lightLED Traffic lightLED Traffic lightLED Traffic light
We will make LED traffic light made to order by customer request.
Introduce for LED traffic light:

LED Traffic light for vehicles usually contain three lamps: red, orange or yellow (officially amber), and green. In some systems, a flashing amber means that a motorist may go ahead with care if the road is clear, giving way to pedestrians and to other road vehicles that may have priority. A flashing red is treated as a regular stop sign.

LED Traffic light for pedestrians normally have two main lights—a red light that means 'stop' and a green (or sometimes white) light that means 'go' (or, more correctly, 'proceed with caution'). There is usually a flashing red phase that means 'complete your crossing'.

The use of these colors are thought to originate from nautical right-of-way. Usually, the red light contains some orange in its hue, and the green light contains some blue, to provide some support for people with red-green color blindness.

LED Traffic light for special vehicles (such as buses or trams) may use other system, such as vertical vs. horizontal bars of white light.

In most countries, the sequence is green (go), amber (prepare to stop), and red (stop). In most systems, however, when red changes to green, both red and amber are lit. It is customary for drivers to select neutral and/or use the handbrake at red lights; the additional phase gives the driver time to select first gear or release the handbrake before the light turns green).

In the UK, New Zealand and Canada, amber officially means 'stop (unless it would cause an accident to do so)' but in practice, is treated as 'prepare to stop'. In Russia and Serbia, the green light flashes for a few seconds before the amber light comes on. The single flashing amber signal is used in the UK, Ireland and Australia at Pelican crossings. Also it is used in Serbia to mark places where greater attention is needed (dangerous crossings, sharp curves etc.).

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