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LED fluorescent light

 LED fluorescent light                   
Benefit and Specifications for LED fluorescent light

High powered LED lamps offer higher brightness levels, greater efficiency towards energy saving levels reducing global warming and the ozone layer

LED lighting is energy saving and the new type of environmentally friendly lighting solution.
LED Fluorescent light consists of high quality LED's and can emit higher brightness at lower costs.
An 83% average reduction in electrical saving in comparison to standard lighting.
Extra long lifetime expectancy, 60,000 hours when used 8 hours per day.
10 times longer life than standard T8 or T12 fluorescent lighting.

Pure white light & high color rendering index. Installation is simple and easy.No Ultra Violet light output to degrade other materials or paintings

Material and Equipment for LED fluorescent light
Specially developed LED electronic strip modules with high specification acrylic outer cover tubes or crystal clear glass tubes secured with end caps.

Installation Instructions for LED fluorescent light
Remove the power from the fitting. Remove the old fluorescent lamp. Remove the fitting cover and remove the ballast or old choke and starter. Wire the twist and lock in series directly to the power connection block.
It is that easy. Refit the cover, install the led fluorescent light with the open led lens to the front.

-Ultra long life 60,000 Hours of constant usage
-Solid State, high shock /vibration resistant
-No heavy Ballast
-No RF Interference
-Mercury free
-Generates little to no heat
-Does not generate radio frequency
-Operating temperature from – 40 Deg C to +60 Deg C open to ventilation and perfect for an environment with extreme climate change.
-Instant Soft Start operation.
-Flicker Free
-Minimum Maintenance apart from an occasional fluorescent lens clean.

Hotels and Public Houses, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Residential and Institution Buildings
Factories and Offices, Kitchens and Restaurants, Cove and Decorative Lighting, Homes and Flats
Commercial Complexes, Fire, Police and Ambulance Stations, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Residential Rest and Care Homes Shops, Shopping Centers and Motorway Signs, Discos and Clubs, Architectural Buildings, Galleries and Museums.

Warning Notes:
These LED lamps and tubes “DO NOT” require a ballast or starter, which is required for traditional standard fluorescent tubes. If the ballast and starter is connected to the LED tube it will overdrive the LED tube when starting and under drive it afterwards causing malfunctions in the LED tube itself.

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