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china street light

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china street light

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LED Bulb

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Please contact us get more information about the different model for LED Bulb.

The introduction of LED Bulb into the market has been hindered due to several factors. Namely: lumens (brightness) color (led produce blue radiance vs. white) market promotion and affordability. Although LED Bulb for residential and commercial applications are not quite where they need to be, they are starting to scratch their way into the market this year with more force than ever before.

Technology has brought the LED Bulb to a point where they are bright enough to compete with standard bulbs if not better. Also, the color that has plagued the bulbs for some time, being the hazy soft blue tones that are common has been dealt with as well, be it by a diffuser or through bulb technology itself.

The hang-ups are still in check however, that being market promotion and affordability. Although affordability is a significant factor in the bulbs being promoted, one of the largest underlying causes to LED Bulb not being available at lower costs is largely.

Another major benefit to using LED Bulb is the hours; this particular LED light has a 50,000 hour life, five times as long as any compact fluorescent. The price is negated by the longevity of the bulb.

The light color produced by this can is done so with a combination of red and yellow LED’s all masked behind a diffuser lens. The result is a warm, white color spectrum, a necessary achievement for these bulbs to begin to make their move into the mainstream.

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